HVLP Spraying System

HVLP turbine sprayer tanning kits,turbine blower,HVLP spray system,Spray Blower / The leading brand of PUMPS in Taiwan

Single Cylinder Mini Air Compressor with Tank TC-20T

Single Cylinder Mini Air Compressor with Tank TC-20T

Portable & lightweight, Maintenance free, Low noise, Thermally protected, Auto stop, Pressure-adjustable.

Double cylinders Mini Air Compressor TC-30

Double cylinders Mini Air Compressor TC-30

Suitable for Tanning activities, Medical purpose; Inflate: Tire.Balloom. Swimming Ring; Painting: Tattoo. Nail art. Make up. Cake decoration. Model/Hobby paint.


22 Years HVLP Spraying System Manufacturer - BLOWTAC

Located in Taiwan, Sun Mines Electrics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of pumps | ring blowers | aerators that is specialized in wastewater treatment and aquaculture industries.

Made in Taiwan and sold to more than 30 countries worldwide, all prumps and air brushes are madewith high performance, reliability and low maintenance cost. OEM & ODM are aviliable with a strong RD team to design the most efficient product for you.

BLOWTAC has been offering customers high-quality Pump | Aerator | Ring Blower since 1993, both with advanced technology and 22 years of experience, BLOWTAC ensures each customer's demands are met.

HVLP Spraying System

TB-50 + TN169 HVLP Spraying System

HVLP turbine sprayer tanning kits,turbine blower,HVLP spray system,Spray Blower

HVLP Spraying System
HVLP Spraying System

The BLOWTAC TB-50 HVLP turbine sprayer tanning kits include turbine blower, HVLP spray gun and good flexibility air hose with quick coupler. The turbo spray blower is designed to deliver large volume and low pressure airflow at 0.15 to 0.4 bar pressure ranges to atomize fluid effectively for spraying. We’ve designed a new The HVLP Turbospray spraying machine has advantage of environment friendly like preventing air pollution damage to the sprayer user and saving the material that bounce back from the target sprayed.
It can be applied for skin tanning of beauty salon, wood work, furniture, car painting and home decoration finishing….
We offer OEM manufacturing with high reliability and stability of performance, efficient and effective satisfaction of client. Let BLOWTAC HVLP turbine and turbo blower and spray gun be a part of your solution.


  • Light Weight
  • Reduce Overspray
  • Material Savings
  • Easy portablity and mobility
  • Constant delivery of clean, dry moisture free air
  • Compliance with local environmental codes
  • Easy and maintenance



  • Tanning activities
  • Nano spray paint
  • Spray painting


TB-50 HVLP Blower 

  • Speed Controller
  • With air hose

TN-169 HVLP Spraying Gun
  •  HVLP breezing Type
  •  One Stage Spray Gun / Two Stage Non-breezing Type Spray Gun (for optioanl)
  • Aluminum Cup Capacity:1000 c.c. (for optional) / Nylon Cup 250 c.c. 



There are a variety of nozzle sizes for customers to choose to match the different purposes.

The nozzle sizes provided are as shown in the table below.

When placing an order, please inform the required nozzle size.

There are also 1000 C.C. aluminum cups for choice.


Optional Accessories



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