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Double stages of HVLP spray gun TN-169-2 | The leading brand of PUMPS in Taiwan

Double stages of HVLP spray gun TN-169-2

The different between HVLP single stage spray gun and double stage spray gun.


Q: Regarding  the TN-169-A spray gun, can it work or do we necessarily need TB-50 or TB-200 ?


A: Our HVLP spray gun means high volume low pressure, as normally the air compressor is high pressure and not suit for the HVLP spray gun.   

If you have enough budget, it will be better to buy completed set to test.   

    We  have single stage and two stages spray gun description as below :

    TB-50 only suitable for single stage spray gun

    TB-200 can use either single stage or two stages spray gun.

    The different between TN-169-1 and TN-169-2 as below:

   Single stage

   TN-169-1: single stage, it is breeze type and can help the blower to release the pressure.

   The liquid flow out from the first trigger

   Double stage

   TN-169-2: double stage, it is non-breeze type.

   First stage spray air, the second stage spray liquid.

   kindly see the following videp for better understanding.


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