Rotary Vane Type Gas Blower

Single Cylinder Mini Air Compressor with Tank TC-20T

Single Cylinder Mini Air Compressor with Tank TC-20T

Portable & lightweight, Maintenance free, Low noise, Thermally protected, Auto stop, Pressure-adjustable.

Double cylinders Mini Air Compressor TC-30

Double cylinders Mini Air Compressor TC-30

Suitable for Tanning activities, Medical purpose; Inflate: Tire.Balloom. Swimming Ring; Painting: Tattoo. Nail art. Make up. Cake decoration. Model/Hobby paint.


22 Years Rotary Vane Type Gas Blower Manufacturer - BLOWTAC

Located in Taiwan, Sun Mines Electrics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of pumps | ring blowers | aerators that is specialized in wastewater treatment and aquaculture industries.

Made in Taiwan and sold to more than 30 countries worldwide, all prumps and air brushes are madewith high performance, reliability and low maintenance cost. OEM & ODM are aviliable with a strong RD team to design the most efficient product for you.

BLOWTAC has been offering customers high-quality Pump | Aerator | Ring Blower since 1993, both with advanced technology and 22 years of experience, BLOWTAC ensures each customer's demands are met.

Rotary Vane Type Gas Blower

MRG-4300 Rotary Vane Type Gas Blower

Gas Torch Boosters, gas booster, gas booster torch, Rotary Gas Blower

Rotary Vane Type Gas Blower
Rotary Vane Type Gas Blower

Current natural gas and gas pipelines are pre-buried by projected usage. If the amount of gas users saturates due to an increase in the number of users, it will be easily caused the pipe diameter is too small to provide enough.Therefore, gas boosting is actually very important for the industrial or commercial use of natural gas.
The MRG series of gas torch boosters produced by our company is currently widely used in restaurant kitchen or glass industry manufacturing process.



  • Gas booster in the process of glass formed
  • Gas torch boosters in the restaurant kitchen
  • Gas booster torch used as a tool of cutting
  • Biogas pumping




The rotor is bias rotated with the vane going in and out inside the slots.

The vane are compeled to attach the inside surface of casing, so that air

is absorbed from inlet and compressed out to the outlet.



LOW NOISE :Low noise level due to slow R.RM. and well
lubricated parts.

High pressure and few flow loss due to vane slide-attach and oil-sealed effect.

Smooth flow with less vibration and pulse due to slow R.RM. balancing rotor and pressure tank design.

1.Longer duty life and easy maintenance due to solid structure slow RPM.
2.Adjustable lubricate oil drop nozzle and oil recycle tank makes very low oil consumption.
3.Low oil level sensor design can alarm or stop the motor from the control panel.

ENERGY SAVING:Energy saving due to high pressure and low flow loss.


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