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TC-20T Air Compressor clean the filled water droplets solution.

Q: We found that the air tubing was filled with water droplets after roughly 30 minutes of use.   How to clean the droplets?

A: We have the video to show you to take off the water trap in clockwise direction. When you put it back should be in counterclockwise direction,

and don’t forget the o-ring  must be put back together.

The different between Roots blower with Ring blower.

Q: We are in aquaculture business (shrimp farming).  We are planning to use blowers in shrimp ponds but we do not which blower to select. Kindly tell us the different between the RING BLOWER and ROOTS BLOWER. Which one is more suitable for the shrimp farming and why?

A: The different between Roots blower with Ring blower:

1. Roots blower max. pressure up to 10000mmAq; Ring blower max. pressure to 7500mmAq.
2. Roots blower operation with motor by belt; Ring blower with motor direct driving.
3. Roots blower with big air flow; Ring blower max. air flow up to 22.4m3/min @ pressure 3650mmAq.
4. Roots blower need oil lubricating; Ring blower no lubrication is required.

For shrimp farming, if the pond bottom is earth, it is not available to set pipe to fit the diffuser,
we will suggest to use surface turbo jet aerator, it is more easy to maintain than blowers and diffusers system.

Guide bar of the Mixer.

Q: I would like to know what is the " guide bar " that is on the catalogue? Does it come with the mixer? On the other hand I would like to ask you for your opinion about how to located it in the digester which dimensions are: Ø6.11*4.2 M to get a more homogenous mixing moreover want are the building materials? Becuase the digester environment is quite corrosive.

A: The guide bar is auto fitting (see attached photo ), you can decide if you need the auto fitting or not

you can install one piece of 2 HP(Model nr. MR-15-4D).
Like I said if the ph is 3-11 then you need to use KMR (like attached photo).

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