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  • Powerful and Silent HVLP Tanning Kits
    Powerful and Silent HVLP Tanning Kits
    TB-200 + TN-169 Powerful and Silent HVLP Tanning Kits

    BLOWTAC TB-200 silent HVLP spray unit that is high efficiency, low energy consumption and perform very with low operation noise below 50 dB(A). The HVLP Turbospray spraying machine has advantage of environment friendly like preventing air pollution damage to the sprayer user and saving the material that bounce back from the target sprayed. It can be applied for skin tanning of beauty salon, wood work, furniture, car painting and home decoration finishing…. We offer OEM manufacturing with high reliability and stability of performance, efficient and effective satisfaction of client. Let BLOWTAC HVLP turbine and turbo blower and spray gun be a part of your solution.

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