Sun Mines has a leading company in Taiwan regarding pumps on is industrial and domestic applications as well as in the fields of water aeration.

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  • Membrane Disc Diffusers
    Membrane Disc Diffusers
    DISC-170, DISC-245, DISC-325

    The BLOWTAC or ENVI-BUBBLE EPDM membrane fine bubble disc diffusers has been manufactured for more than 15 years in the aeration of industrial wastewater, municipal sewage, domestic septic tank, food process like fermentation, fish farm or shrimp farm aeration. The wastewater treatment of activated sludge and contact aeration process and aquarium will all need high Oxygen transfer rate or Oxygen transfer efficiency, OTE. and low pressure loss by the membrane. The reinforced EPDM can continuously create fine bubble from slots on the EPDM membrane of disc type or tube type diffuser. The expected duty life may be over 5 years without tearing or bursting. There are other material selections of self-sink silicon rubber membrane, ceramic diffuser, air stone, and coil looking diffuser. There are also course bubble air diffuser for application of liquid mixture. The diffuser can be used for roots blower, ring blower and linear air pump. The diffuser also has advantage of much energy reduction. We offer OEM manufacturing with high reliability and stability of performance, efficient and effective satisfaction of your client. Let our diffuser be the best choice of your solution.

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